“Sometimes When Life Doesn't Work Out as You Planned, Thereinfertility Is A Greater Force at Work.” Deanna Kahler

Sign and Symptomssigns of Infertility


What is Infertility?

If a person (male/female) is unable to or having difficulties in reproducing, this is called Infertility. It can also refer to the incapability of conceiving or having miscarriages, sometimes more than once. According to a fact sheet since 2014, Worldwide one in every six couples experience some kind of infertility problems. Around 9% of women aging between 22-44 face problem in getting pregnant during their first year of trying to conceive. Majority of women who are recommended for infertility treatments by doctors are 30-39 years old. Approximately 10-15% of the couples in North America are struggling to conceive.

Commonly, the health of a pregnancy depended on different factors such as: Health of the male sperms, how sperm reacts with a female egg, eggs produced by women, structure and blockage of fallopian tube, how the egg is fertile etc.

In past, it was a common misunderstanding of our society that if a couple is not able to produce a baby the only reason lies in women, in some courtiers still it is the thinking of older generation. But it is proven now that women are not the only partner responsible for infertility. Roughly in 20-30% cases infertility is because of men, in 20-40% cases its because of women, in 10-15% it can be because of both partners, and approximately in 10-15% cases the problem in unknown.female

Risk Factors:

There are some risk factors for both men and women that can cause infertility those can be:

  • Age:    After age of 37 fertility level of women gradually start decreasing that can be less number of eggs and the quality of eggs. Men can be less fertile after the age of 40.
  • Smoking:    Smoking and excess use of different kind of drugs can cause the infertility in both men and women.
  • Overweight & Underweight:    Being overweight and not having an active lifestyle can be a reason for infertility in both men and women. Similarly, if they are suffering with some kind of eating disorders, then it can also affect on the egg quality and sperm count.


Infertility can be quite devastating on couples married as well as social life. However, with all the advancement in medical science, now it is not considered a major hurdle, the only thing both partner need to do is to remain calm and don’t panic, they have to consult a specialist doctor as soon as possible, who can do all the applicable tests and can suggest the solution or a workable plan for them which will treat any infertility issues successfully. But at the end it is a natural process sometimes despite all the efforts and treatments still you have to have faith in the nature.


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