Global Warming

Burning Issue


Global Warming is defined as an increase in average global temperature. Global Warming is becoming a burning issue these days. Majority of places are mostly effected by Global Warming. The rise in temperature was noticed from year 1906 to 2005 to 0.74 ° (degree) Celsius. Since 1958, Scientists have been measuring the increase in level of Carbon dioxide. This increase in level effected the ozone layer badly, a black hole was appeared in ozone. Further researches declared that this was caused by high ultraviolet light. The present episode of global warming has still left these places with much cooler climate conditions than other places. Climate at places like USA, Denmark, and Netherlands still get rise and drops within seconds. A survey was conducted in 2009, where Copenhagen was asked to decrease the level of emissions in order to seek fall in the level of pollutants in air and to make temperature at normal degrees. Carbon dioxide is the biggest factor responsible for recent warming trends.