"Making it better for all species"

Ups and Downs

Everyone loves makeup and what it can do. but did you know that a lot of brands still test on animals which we all know is not ok. just because a certain species of animals or creatures cant speak for themselves doesn't mean we should take advantage of them to better ourselves or our products. Thankfully some of the brands that i will be talking about in this website have taken a step in the right direction and stopped testing on animals and to be honest their makeup is sometimes cheaper then brands who do test on animals. So for those brands that are trying to make this world a better place to live in we thank you and here is your chance in the spotlight.


I have different pages for different topics. Within those pages you will find information about how to be cruelty free and as an added bonus some of these brands are also vegan free. Which is really good for those people with really sensitive skin. Hope you enjoy.