All you need to know about Caffeine

Did you know?

  • Caffeine is a stimulant produced from plants, and it is found in coffee beans and tea leaves; used in soda pop and energy drinks.

  • People usually take caffeine tablets as dietary supplements. Caffeine has various uses as a mild stimulant.

  • Caffeine has the ability to relieve exhaustion and increase the body’s alertness, therefore, it is used as an ingredient in medications such as Excedrin for over-the-counter migraine medications and in prescription drugs to enhance the painkilling effect of the migraine drugs.

  • Caffeine is a drug similar to cocaine.

  • Caffeine users can build a tolerance to it, demand more to reach the same effect, and experience withdrawal symptoms.

  • Caffeine releases adrenaline in the human body which leads to many symptoms that include dilated pupils and faster heart rate, increased blood pressure and release of sugar into the blood stream that gives a person a boost of energy.


  • In the 9th century, coffee was discovered in Arabia, and it rapidly became popular in the 15th century.
  • In the modern day, coffee is a part of the human’s daily diet.