“Addiction is a compulsion to engage in unhealthy or detrimental behavior.” Addiction could not only be of drugs but also of gambling, overeating, sex, or reckless behavior but addiction is mainly due to high drugs and chemicals. Addiction causes uncontrolled craving, increased tolerance, and withdrawal symptoms when run-down of access to the addictive substance. Addiction is a big problem all over the world.

Addiction could be bad or good. Addiction leaves many bad side effects as when you take high drugs and alcohol they start causing damage to one’s internal organs. The good addiction may be like Addicted to work, reading, singing extra. Addictions like gambling, sex, reckless behaviour does not really causes physical damage but they do cause some metal issues and also sometimes lead problems in society.

Addictions to drugs, which are illegal in market, are becoming kind of fashion in today’s society. They are easily available though they are very expensive. Youth in order to buy them do many illegal works like theft and murder. This is not only a criminal act but also creates many family and social disputes as well as harms ones metal and physical conditions.