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Euthanasia is one kind of killing in which there is a will of a person to be died who is going to be killed. This kind of killing is used when a person who is going to be killed suffers from an incurable disease and there is no way for him for living. Euthanasia is known by different names in different places such as mercy killing, assisted suicide painless death, etc.  The word euthanasia is derived from Greek terms eu means good and thanos means death (Polacek, 2007)overall meaning a good death or the death for making a good change.

Euthanasia is in a huge debate in certain parts of world. As there are a lot of controversies that some people say that one should not be killed against the will of god and some people also think that the name euthanasia is misused as some people intentionally kill other person for some personal matters. Euthanasia is a matter in which there should be will of the person, his family and doctors note is also important. Many of countries have legalized euthanasia where as it is controversial in many countries. Some countries like Canada, Belgium, USA has legalized euthanasia. Belgium has become first western country to legalize it  (Paterson, 2008). For legalizing the term huge debate was held and everybody’s suggestion has been taken even there were a lot of people who were still not in support of this term and were willing to banish Assisted suicide. Assisted suicide is a kind of killing in which a person who is not in sense of his life is killed. There are various kinds of Euthanasia such as voluntary euthanasia, nonvoluntary euthanasia and involuntary euthanasia.

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