Global Warming

Protect the Planet!

Introduction to Global Warming


In this 21st century, Global Warming has become one of the most challenging issue in the world. Global warming is mainly caused by rise in temperature which is the result of greenhouse gases emission along with carbon dioxide and methane which get trapped in the atmosphere along with several air pollutants and cause rise in temperature around the world. Carbon dioxide which is the main cause of global warming came from burning of fossil fuels and cutting of trees known as deforestation and from many automobile industries and factories as well.


“The main issue lies not only with scientific concern problem , but encompasses economic, sociology, political, and individuals’ choice of lifestyle  (Maslin, 2004).” Earth’s surface is getting warm at very fast rate and leading to cause several possible hazards such as earthquakes, volcanic eruption, droughts, melting of ice which is the main cause of floods and many more. From past some years, earth’s temperature is becoming hotter day by day which is making it a serious concern to look after.  “The most recent report by IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) predicts that global temperature could rise by between 1.4and 5.8C and sea level could rise by 20cm and 88cm by the year 2100” (Maslin, 2004).




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