Eating Disorders
Causes, types and Treatments


What is an Eating Disorder?

Many people deal with eating disorders, they are not restricted to one gender, age, race or body type. At any given time in Canada, as many as 600,000 to 990,000 Canadians may meet the diagnostic criteria for an eating disorder, primarily anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, or binge eating disorder.

Given the many factors that make up a disorder, it can happen to anyone. The cause of an eating disorder is almost always a complex web of factors including genetics, society, stress from our own actions or actions out of our control.

The best way to deal with an eating disorder is to first accept that your problem is real and then seek professional help from a specialist and start treatment. Eating disorders are not limited to any one gender, age or race and can be developed in any body type, but we never have to deal with them alone.

Here are some websites that can help you or a loved one overcome an eating disorder and give you the support that you need.

  1. Eating Disorder Hope-promotes ending eating disordered behavior, embracing life and pursuing recovery. Our mission is to foster appreciation of one's uniqueness and value in the world, unrelated to appearance, achievement or applause.

  2. National Eating Disorders Information Centre (NEDIC)-focuses on awareness and the prevention of eating disorders, food and weight preoccupation, and disordered eating by promoting critical thinking skills and a healthy, balanced-lifestyle.

  3. National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA)-the largest nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting individuals and families affected by eating disorders. NEDA supports individuals and families affected by eating disorders, and serves as a catalyst for prevention, cures and access to quality care.

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