"A brief Introduction to the aviation system"

A brief history

It is really an integral part of everyone’s day to day life. It has been with mankind since he started traveling from place to place for accommodation, food or any other source. It has been used and modified by man for his own benefits and this process is not yet finished. Evolutions took place in the methods or means of transportation, now this numerous technology is providing with tons of benefits in reducing his commuting time. Transportation was really started with the invention of wheel which is one of the most important inventions on the planet. This invention, a wheel, was used for development of the transportation and it had a great impact over the whole transportation system or in other words, every available modes of transport uses the wheel in one way or other

    To add some information to the background of the transportation system, some old and traditional methods like buggy and carts to load and carry heavy goods to various places. Animals like horse and camels and wheels were connected to carts to carry loads. Then as the evolution process occurred it kept on changing and cycles took place which were some of the early inventions of travelling as a road ways. This process kept going on as a result, motorcycles, cars, trucks, rail and many other inventions were made.