Mental Illness: Categories & Coping Methods

Mental health.

Since there is such a wide variety of disorders and illnesses, there is an even larger variety of methods to cure and cope with each illness. It’s important to recognize that each disorder and each illness has their own needs in regards to medication and treatment, and that what may work for one illness may not work for another. It is important to remember that each person has his or her own process and to keep that final goal in mind throughout the journey, regardless of the illness. “It’s a matter of them achieving their own sense of confidence in themselves. That they can, in fact, get better with this illness.”

Mental illness can be difficult to cope with for both the person with the illness and those in that person’s family. It is important to understand that not all mental disorders are the same and each disorder should be treated differently and exclusively to that specific disorder. There are always medications for coping with mental illness, although this writer suggests incorporating a natural coping mechanism:

“Many of us will experience one or other manifestation of anxiety at some stage in our lives--it is a largely hidden part of, or even reaction to, the human condition. There are obvious times: facing a medical test, an interview, going through a bereavement, or coping with loss, where it is almost to be expected…Lifestyle changes, simple steps involving diet, sleep and exercise, may seem trivial when you are feeling close to the edge, but they actually put some control back into your own hands; and anxiety is similar to a state of panic where 'the steering has gone'.”

Art Related to Mental Illness

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