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What is Energy?

Energy is the property that must be transferred to an object in order to perform work on, or to heat, the object. The energy states that, Energy neither be created no be destroyed only we can change from one form to another. Energy is at the core of the human predicament in the twenty-first century.

Extracting fossil fuels poisons landscapes, fragments habitat, and destroys beauty. Burning those fuels is changing the chemical composition of the global atmosphere and accelerating climate change. At the same time, spiraling fossil fuel prices— resulting from depletion of the highest-grade and most easily accessed hydrocarbon resources— have contributed to a worldwide financial crisis that threatens global stability.

 Not only are transport costs rising, threatening globalized supply chains, but soaring energy prices also drive up food prices, leading to increasing social unrest around the world. Read More

Gas Price Chart

Year Price/Gallon
2001 $1.43
2002 $1.34
2003 $1.56
2004 $1.85
2005 $2.27
2006 $2.58
2007 $2.81
2008 $3.26