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Fall 2012 ~ DAYS (check Program Status)
Step 1: review your program details here:
* two year Diploma program (PCEAD); full time only
* one year Fast Track Intensive Diploma program (PEDAI) available only to graduates from College or University; full time only
Step 2: click on the following link for important information for all students who have been formally admitted:

Fall 2012 Day School Welcome Letter to Students who have been formally admitted.

First Day of Class Fall 2012: Students in the 2 year program begin classes on Tuesday Sept. 4ht, and the Intensive (1 year) Students begin classes on Wednesday Sept. 5th ~ See you then!

Spring 2012 / Fall 2012 ~ EVENINGS | Continuing Education

* Continuing Education now delivers both of the programs listed above

* students apply and are admitted to the Standard curriculum stream or the Intensive, and study part time until all requirements for graduation are completed; this is expected to take most people about 3-5 years

Explore this website for ConEd Field Placement Information  | Course Offerings (see Details, Timetable, Evenings)  |  PEDAS Equivalencies (see Questions, Transitions)

This 'More Info' site offers details about program content, delivery and activities. Click on "Program", "Details" etc. in the above navigation bar across the top for 
important information for FT Day and PT Evening students.